Special Educational Needs

Mrs Knight

Barnwood is committed to addressing the particular needs of all our children to ensure they reach their full potential. Therefore, those children who are identified as having special needs outside the usual provision are given our full support. These children will include those who need support to access the curriculum fully or those who require challenges to extend their learning potential.

Children are supported in a number of ways, in the classroom, in small groups and occasionally in one-to-one situations, using resources from within our school and from the support services within the County.

Specific initiatives are undertaken from time to time for pupils who would benefit from an intensive work programme of short duration. These learning programmes consolidate existing skills, teach strategies to aid improvement and boost self esteem.

Positive relationships between home and school are vital to children realising their learning potential. Therefore, parents are actively encouraged to meet regularly with class teachers and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), to discuss progress. The school's SEN Policy defines the staged approach implemented by the school for supporting pupils' individual needs as required by the Code of Practice.