Religious Education

Mrs Matson

As a Church Aided School, Barnwood Primary has followed the recommendations of the Diocesan Board of Education that the Religious Education (R.E.) curriculum should be based on the Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus.

Religious education is central to the purpose of Barnwood C of E Primary School and makes a substantial contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every child in line with the school’s Vision Statement.

We believe it is important not only to learn about religion and beliefs, but also, and perhaps more importantly, to learn from religion and beliefs.

Religious education at Barnwood explores how individuals and communities make meaning and sense of their lives through religions of the world. It enables pupils to know about, understand and respond to the important and ultimate questions of life.

Religious education is taught in such a way that it inspires pupils to explore, develop and affirm their own faith and values and have respect for the faith, beliefs and values of others. We recognise the value of incorporating the creative and expressive arts in our teaching and we provide many opportunities to explore themes through dance, drama, art and music where appropriate.

Through teaching we aim to utilise the pupils’ own experiences by exploring the links between the lesson content in religious education and the personal challenges pupils face in their everyday lives.

We strive to continually challenge pupils to discover the underlying message of the teaching behind religious traditions, stories, artefacts and ceremonies.

It is our hope that through religious education pupils will develop positive attitudes towards themselves, other people and the natural world around them.