Physical Education

Miss Joyce and Mr Allen 

At Barnwood School we believe that PE plays a vital part in the development of the whole child. We regard it as equally important as, and indeed, complementary to, other subjects.

Every teacher aims to promote physical activity, healthy life-styles and positive attitudes within a safe environment.

In each year, children are taught through the areas of Games, Gymnastics and Dance. Children will also take part in athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming, the latter taking place at GL1. In these areas of activity we ask them to find solutions to various challenges and to practise, improve and refine performances with increasing accuracy and control.

We encourage them to work safely alone, in pairs and in groups and as members of a team (with the emphasis on fair play). We ask that they evaluate both their own and others' performances using their judgements to gain improvement. We teach them to understand what is happening to their bodies during exercise.

Barnwood has a successful sporting tradition. Boys and girls have equal access to all the sports we practise and play. Our school football, netball, rugby and cricket teams participate in matches and tournaments with local schools. As part of the School Sports Network we take part in athletics, swimming, cross-country, hockey and rounders events. We also participate every year in the Cheltenham Dance Festival. We believe that winning and losing with grace and dignity are important lessons to learn. Our after school clubs are well attended and support the PE taught during school hours.