Mrs Overington

Music is a very valuable part of school life at Barnwood and is enjoyed by children of all ability levels. Barnwood has a wealth of musical resources which help to develop the children's understanding of Music, including its own specially designed Music room.

Barnwood recognises that performing with others is an excellent way to build and encourage children's self-esteem and confidence. The children have many opportunities throughout their school life to participate in Musical Performances, Church Services, Class Assemblies and Musical Productions. We have a School Choir, Band and various Recorder Groups which perform to a high standard.

Pupils are given opportunities to:

  • develop their creative skills through composition
  • explore, create and organise sounds in musical structures
  • develop their creative abilities
  • listen to and appraise music
  • compare music from contrasting traditions and cultures
  • respond to differences in character and mood.

Please click on the pictures below to see pictures of pupils at the Children in Need concert at Gloucester Cathedral and Young Voices at Birmingham and other events


Please click the picture to see videos of the dance moves for Young Voices 2018

Children in Need


Young Voices


Gloucester Symphony Orchestra


Gloucester Cathedral