We believe homework is essential, not only because it provides the child with further learning opportunities but because it is a vital link in the school/parent partnership.

Homework will be set in Reception through to Year 6 and ranges from bringing a reading book home every night to share with Mum and Dad, to researching projects. Reading books, spelling lists and times tables will make up the bulk of homework. A homework timetable is set out at the beginning of the year and a copy can be viewed below and on the Parents' Noticeboard. Some class teachers may choose to publish homework timetables on their class page and even make homework available to be viewed online.

It is vital that parents help with monitoring the homework, whether it be recording in the homework diary that a book has been read and by ensuring it is returned or by informing the school if homework has not been forthcoming. It is only by staff and parents working closely together that work can be set, marked and monitored effectively.

We are often asked by parents what they can do to help with their children's education. One very simple but valuable way is by allowing time for them to talk about their school day and by encouraging them with their homework. Praise and encouragement are very important and can do wonders for a child's self-esteem. Please remember to praise effort and attitude as well as achievement!