Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities play a large part in the life of the school, pupils being encouraged to develop their interests, skills and talents. A number of clubs are held at lunch-times and after school, including Football, Netball, Tennis, Hockey, Cross Country, Athletics. Multi-Skills. Wildlife,Christian Club, Choir, Bongo and Recorders. School sports teams regularly compete against local schools and also in occasional tournaments. All pupils also have the opportunity to take part in a residential educational visit in Year 6.

Christian Club is a popular club held once a week during the lunchtime break and is available to all children from Year 1 and upwards. It gives the children an opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith in a fun and relaxed environment.

SCHOOL CLUBS 2018-2019




After school 

(Finish by 4.15 pm)


KS2 Wildlife Club – Miss Joyce (Aut/Spr)



Y1-6 Christian Club- Mrs Gent

KS2 Football Club Mr Allen/Mrs Hurcum 

KS 2 Gymnastics Club – Miss Joyce (Spring)

Y5/6 Hockey Club- Mr Leggett (Spring)

Choir Y3-Y6 Mrs Overington


KS2 Cross Country Miss Joyce /Mrs Hurcum (Autumn)

Y2 Recorder Club Mrs Gisby/Mrs Oshun

KS2 Netball Club(Aut/Spr) – Miss Joyce 

KS2 Rounders  Club(Sum) Miss Joyce

KS1 Multi-skills – Mrs West( Autumn 2 – Spr )


Y2 Bongo club- Mrs Overington (Spr)

KS2 Athletics Club – Miss Joyce (Sum)

Football/Netball League Fixtures Autumn/Spring





Please note: Year 6 children will run supervised lunchtime clubs in the Summer term.


File icon: pdf Choir joining letter [pdf 326KB] Click to download
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Tennis Plus Academy members receiving their MTI modern tennis certificates