Behaviour & Discipline

We have high expectations regarding behaviour. We believe that the best way to teach and encourage positive behaviours is through exemplary role modelling, encouragement, praise and reward.

Our 3 school rules

Our school rules are kept as simple as possible.

  • Be respectful, kind and thoughtful
  • Be the best I can be
  • Be safe

Our school rules form the basis of our behaviour management. They are based around the notions of respect, kindness and safety to provide a positive learning environment that enables everyone to be the best they can be.

We encourage children to develop behaviour and relationships based on Christian and British values in the hope that they develop moral values based on the life and teaching of Christ and have the desire and the will to love, forgive and serve others.  When dealing with behaviour incidents our staff take great care to deal fairly with all participants, to listen carefully to differing opinions and to encourage the pupils to think about the impact of their attitudes and behaviours on others. 

Our Behaviour Policy takes a very positive approach, with the emphasis being on recognition, praise and reward. It aims to be clear and concise, yet flexible to take into consideration the needs of different age groups and any pupils with specific SEND needs. We aim to spend the vast majority of our time praising and rewarding good behaviour and we have clear procedures for addressing challenging behaviour.

For more information please read our Behaviour Policy which can be found in the policies section on our website.